The robot technology has taken its ultimate leap essentially from robot conductors to robots performing in Wiimote ensemble and eventually robots representing as the full fledged performers popularly named as Karmetic Machine Orchestra. Here, the robots are highly integrated in an orchestra with blend of human musicians. The spacious and extraordinary looking Karmetic Machine Orchestra is ready to gear up for another outstanding performance in Los Angeles, which will be grandly held on May 13.

The folks that are highly incorporated in Karmetic Machine Orchestra can be defined as the think tank of artists and the engineering is greatly geared to explore a renaissance that is purely magical. They are undoubtedly the robot musicians which will intensely get interacted with their human counterparts to play the electronic sitars. These are the special instruments that are highly modified. Karmetic Machine Orchestra is primarily based at California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. It is supervised by the legendary Mr. Ajay Kapur, who has basically got its training in classical Indian Music in addition to Mr. Michael, who is a genius production designer.

Following their earlier premiere, which was extensively exhibited in January, the group is setting for their next grand show on May 13 to be held at Cal Arts. The orchestra that is formerly a laptop driven is incorporated with three robot percussionists that are custom built. They are, however, aiming to incorporate two more to it. In the debut show, the orchestra had unbelievably involved more than 10 performer, 43 actuators and 65 speakers.

The robot drummer which is popularly called as MahaDeviBot has an efficiency to play 12 instruments in which finger cymbals, bells and gongs are also included. Moreover, it is sported with a Hindu Goddess face that is bouncing. It highly signifies the tempo. The groups of Karmetik Machine Orchestra have also re-engineered the successor to MahaDeviBot, which is called GanpatiBot. In this set up, there are two speakers, which are located at either side of the spinning bar. They play the sound and drone specifically from an iPod Mini.

In this genuine orchestra, the robots are utilizing the sensor data by which they can easily interpret the gestures that are made by the human performers. It is apparent that they can be effectively programmed to carry out the dual activities of performing music and at the same time receive the essential commands from the modified instruments which are played by their fellow musicians. And when there is no human accompaniment, the robots play the music which is more sounding lugubrious. Nevertheless, when the dancers and human musicians also join the orchestra it becomes truly a magical orchestra. The Walt Disney Modular Theater `Cal Arts’ must definitely have a perfect setting in order to grandly present this show next week.

Thus, Karmetik Machine Orchestra, comprising of the robots as the full fledged performers in integration with human performers is a memorable orchestra which is going to rock the music world on May 13 at Cal Arts.