Robots are one of the  astonishing inventions of recent world of science. Today the world is running after time and thus they always look for a shortcut solution. Robots come up with the solution which offers to reduce human effort immensely in various sectors of life. Especially in developed world robots become like a daily electronic device who can serve as a household worker! The use of robot in the war field is increasing alarmingly, but now robots also are showing their productivity in doing laundry works and dish washing!

Visionary Leonardo da Vinci first sketched a human robot in 1495, of which the blueprints were discovered in 1950. After this the revolution started and in 1926 the first ever useful robot was produced by Westinghouse Electric Corporation.  In 60s and 70s the real development in robotics took place. In early 90s robots became a buzz word. But scientists have taken a giant step to take in the house corner along with reducing the cost immensely by high technical modification. Universities around the globe especially European, North American and Some Asian universities have taken the step to improve the quality and workability of robots by diversified technologies. Along with the development in technical side like computing, algorithms, software and more sophisticated hardware;  robotics has evolved as the fastest technological potential for humans. Now there are about 1.2 million industrial robots with 7.5 million service robots in the market. Industrial robots are used in car production, automated guideline production chain, packaging etc. The service robots are usually used in various services providing agency like airlines, hospitals, research lab including house.

In the long run, robots will either be produced for single purpose or multipurpose functions. Now the manufacturers concentrate on producing single purpose but intelligent and more efficient robots. Willow Garage, a robotics firm has announced a loan scheme for a personalized robotics project. They will offer 11 renowned universities to take the chance to restructure the shape of human civilization. Their ‘Personal robot 2’(PR2) named project allows about $4 million where they aims to provide a radical change in the robot industry by coming with a new idea of personal robotics. The experts in the fields are very hopeful about the project and they want the project research to be done by the best heads in the field. They emphasize the long run vision and innovative steps. The successful completion of this project widens the use of robots in many personal staffs. They could be used in household works like laundry or dish washing or floor cleaning with utmost efficiency.

In the early century robotics became a dream for the better technological adherence. With the advancement of technology and science, it has further assisted in the realization of this dream. Dependence on robot in many industry and research Labs has increased exponentially. The day is not so far when the robots will help the humans in education and other intellectual decisions directly like household works!