Up for some amateur sleuthing or just want to upgrade your geekware? Nope we’re not getting inspiration from the latest episode of Chuck; an NBC hit series featuring a geek spy. Muvi ‘Atom’ Camcorder is the real deal and is up for grabs for the public. At only 4cm x 2cm x 2cm, the Muvi Atom is the world’s smallest digital camcorder to date. At least, that we know of—who knows what the real “Chuck” bosses are keeping off the public record these days.

For a Lilliputian device, it does pack adequate features that would make gizmo addicts snag one. This teeny digital camcorder can capture VGA quality (640×480) videos that can be saved in the 2GB micro SD card. If that seems a bit too small for you, Atom supports up to 8 GB micro SD cards. If you’re wondering how you will manage this device with its even more miniscule buttons, you can set those concerns aside because the Muvi Atom can be voice operated. Or more precisely, sound activated since any preset sound above 65 decibels will make this device bow to your bidding.

The Muvi Atom’s makers also thought of those people who have action in store for this little device. Those who are sports inclined will be able to maximize Atom by incorporating the Atom with the Extreme Sports Pack. This clever assembly of attachments comes with clips, straps and brackets that let you latch Atom onto anything that can support its weight. This is a welcome addition if you plan to jostle around in you biking trail or you’re just recording everything while you’re jogging. Want to give your extreme sports fans your perspective during a highlight maneuver? This miniature camcorder can be clipped onto your helmet, if you are wearing a helmet that is. The Extreme Sports Pack sells for an additional $23.

Muvi Atom Features

• High resolution video recording with sound
• Wide angle field of view 72 degrees
• Strong aluminum casing
• Includes 2GB Micro SD card for 1 hour recording
• Compatible up to an 8GB Micro SD card
• Optional voice activated start/stop recording
• Records in AVI video format
• Can be used as a PC webcam
• Video software supplied