Well it seems that nobody has the concern of getting an overdose of social networks. Yet again, why should one when you have third generation web platforms and technology embracing the buzz of social networks with spiraling ad campaigns. In light of this, Rockmelt has engineered a new browser that doesn’t only boast about its performance or security, but gives you an advantage to connect to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and any other social network.

Some of the features of the new browser include:

  • Instant access to social networking widgets on the right pane like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.
  • List of friends that are online (left pane)
  • Expandable windows for latest updates on Youtube videos and messages from friends
  • Instant search
  • Easier access to maps, videos and photos

In terms of design the browser looks similar to Google chrome except for the fact that it includes a combination of panes and sidebars that over load you with information.

But wait a second, you might be wondering, if its social networking will you be allowed access to the browser from your office. Well that is one of the biggest disadvantages of the browser as some office server bar all services that may only include getting updates from the networks.

The release date of the browser has not yet been confirmed. However if you would like to access to the beta version you can sign up at http://www.rockmelt.com/.