It was already in the news that Rogers was planning to enter into the Smartphone market by bringing Acer Liquid E with the most demanding and user-friendly operating system Android into the market. The news had been confirmed when Rogers officially announced that they are actually bringing this gadget into the market. Smartphone market is already expanding due to the increasing competition with iPhone and HTC.

The release data for Acer Liquid E has not been confirmed yet, but there are different rumors that are roaming around for this new phone. The main reason behind it secrecy is that, Rogers wants to gain customer confidence and might be doing some product testing before they actually release this phone. So currently they are trying to gauge whether their customers are interested in this product or not. There are many Smartphone companies that are offering the Android operating system (OS), which not only includes HTC but many other operators. Therefore, what is going to be different and appealing in this competition of Smartphone’s is still an eager story to wait.

Acer Liquid E has the following specifications:

  1. 3.5 inch touch screen
  2. 768Mghz processer
  3. 5 MP camera
  4. Android 2.1
  5. Battery time includes five hours of talk time and 400 hours of standby time
  6. FM Radio and MP3 player

However in one of the disadvantages of the phone is that the internal memory is low as the Acer Liquid E only offers 256MB. Moreover, this phone is positioned as the economical Smartphone, so the price would be a crucial factor in determining the sales of this product.

Acer Liquid E is Wi-Fi enabled and belongs to 3G technology generation. The physical appearance looks just satisfactory, in comparison to other Android enabled sets that are already available in the market. According to Mobile Syrup, Rogers is planning to release the Acer Liquid E in the month of June, 2010.

Now the million dollar question should be the price factor keeping in mind all the features and attributes with such limited memory and other traits. The price tag for Acer Liquid E according to Mobile syrup is $49.99, but that comes with a three-year contract. If you are really interested in buying Acer Liquid E, you can also have the unlocked version for$349.99. There are obviously lots of features when you are handling an Android enabled Smartphone can have e.g. users can browse through five home screens simultaneously, allows users to install applications and enables you to switch your social networks contacts with your address book in your cell phone. Acer Liquid E supports HTML 5, geo location, video tagging and many other features. This is why Acer Liquid E is termed as Social view, as enables users to have updates from social networking websites. It includes all the updates such as, texts, calls, and messages in your contact list. This is one of the features that iPhone OS is not offering that can become a competitive edge for Acer Liquid E and all other Android enabled phones.