The Rogue Security Software apparently came up as something with quite a lot of benefits with respect to the security of your computer. As a matter of fact, the software provides a very limited or no security at all to the users instead generates reports that are of no good to the user. It also gets a user fall into a false or fraud based transaction causing financial losses as well.

The arrival of Rogue Security Software:

The so called security software has been coming up as a great pop up business in the online world. Apparently, a pop window would be marketing security update software around the web on many different portals. The pop up window offers installation of the software as well as updates and removal of unwanted viruses and spyware from your computer. The software downloads itself on just one click and installs on your system. Another threatening fact is that Rogue Security software appears on many search results while you are searching for any spyware software so it is always a healthy habit to stay cautious.

Scope of activity of Rogue Security Software:

You would come up with several prompts of viruses even when your computer would be absolutely clean from all the different types of viruses. On the contrary, it will not come up with any alert when your computer is actually attacked by the virus. There have been instances where the Rogue Security Software installs viruses in order to have something to detect on the computer that the virus knows of.

The software also forces you to pay money to upgrade to the paid version using your credit card and other modes in order to protect your computer to a better degree. All these transaction details are at stake once you make the payment. The software uses some of the best tools in order to steal your information and publish that somewhere on the web. Another practice that has been notices is the installation of malware that steals your data without even noticing you. There can be a number of pop up alerts for viruses that do not exist on your computer therefore slowing down your computer on the overall basis.

The biggest flaw that it brings is the end to all the updates of your Windows as well as any other antivirus software. It also stops you from accessing the online websites of the antivirus. The Rogue Security Software has been engineered in such a way that the pop up looks much the same as the Microsoft Security Update.

Protection against Rogue Security Software:

The best way to get rid of such so called security software is to keep your firewall installed and turned on all the time. The firewall helps you detect the righteous downloads and the spyware. Automatic updating of your Windows as well as other software on your computer also helps you a great deal. You can have a quality antivirus and antispyware installed on your system that will protect your computer from a number of such stuff. You can always use the Windows Defender that comes with Windows Vista and Windows 7 by default in case your antivirus does not have an antispyware.