If house cleaning is your mission this Christmas, preserve all that energy since you would need it to play the game Roomba Revenge.

iRobot’s vacuum cleaning robot, Roomba has been personified. It is back as the cleaning robot with Roomba Revenge, an iOS game app. The game app is among the most popular iPhone games. Roomba is hungry and wants to gobble those dust bunnies. The cleanliness bug has bitten him and Roomba is battling with dirt, dust and debris.

The rampaging robot is all equipped to ward off the evils of dust bunnies and pesky felines. Roomba destroys the dust bunnies by entering into the revenge mode. He is flexing his cleaning brushes since he is the new fearless hero.

Roomba’s wrath is coming down from a high. You can control him using a joystick or even touch-to-move controls. The dust bunnies will be hopping throughout the 20 levels and you need to ensure that they don’t touch Roomba since that will result in dropping of the dust.

Each and every level of this challenging game is exciting and interesting and the game has much more to offer, including:

• “Touch to move” intuitive control scheme

• Level achievements to add excitement

• Game Center integration

• Sharing options for Facebook and Twitter

The game has a lot more hurdles:

• The cats will scan the rooms to find a chance to ride on Roomba

• The gates block doorways and need to be unlocked

• Furniture creates blockades and maze

• Tenants will pick you and deliver you to various areas on the map

• Evil king dust bunny will just not stop

Roomba Revenge is available on the iTunes app store for US$ 0.99 only.

[iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/PpzFxko1VDQ” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]