Google Chrome is considered to be the leading one in the war of the browsers in many different ways. It has all the necessary and required features when it comes to speed, performance and many other such things. If you try to access any of the feed such as then you would be getting the content in the format of code unlike Safari, Firefox and IE. But recently there has been released one extension by Google which would make the feeds readable. With the help of this extension people would be able to read the feeds without any problem. The users would also be able to subscribe for many of the different platforms such as My Yahoo, Google Reader etc.

RSS Extension released by Google

The RSS subscription extension which is released by Google Inc. is actually an extension for the web browser by Google i.e. Google Chrome in order to make the browser to read the RSS feeds that are present on many different web sites. You will have to install this extension just once and then you can try to open any feed link which you are aware of. Only then you would be able to see the difference between the previously viewable information and the new one. The subscription options that would be seen on the feed after you have installed the extension are iGoogle, Google Reader, Bloglines, My Yahoo etc. If you wish to add some of the other subscription options to these such as the page flakes, feed demond or the netvibes etc then you can easily click on the manage button which would be present at the bottom of the list of subscription option and can then add or remove the options also. The installation of the extension for Google Chrome is quite simple and can be done with great ease.

Getting the extension

If you wish to get the red RSS button on Google Chrome bar then it is quite easy to get the extension from the web site. You would be able to get the IE and Firefox and would get the red color button which would be present on the address bar of Google Chrome. This extension had been developed by the developers of Google. It was asked from them that why they did not they give a native feed reader in the manner just like the other browsers provide when they were creating Google Chrome then they had replied that it is being tried by the company that there should be a default support for RSS as one native feature of Google Chrome but the company has decided for implementing this as an extension to Google Chrome instead. This was done by the company as it believes that only the UI features would be added for a great range of the users. Each of the users should be able to customize the browser according to their own needs with the help of these extensions and give users the thing which is not known much to them.