Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website. Recently, there have been rumors that Facebook is all set to join hands with Skype. As per the news coming from the tech arena, Facebook and Skype are in talks with each other to offer voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) calls on the social networking website. If the deal goes through, it would be possible for the users of Facebook to do video conferencing and chat through text. In video conferencing, it is really great to see the person on screen with whom you are chatting.

When Facebook was launched it was never believed that it would gain such popularity. But as the time passed it added several features. For example there are applications like games, greeting cards, sending gifts and a lot more.

There is also an application which has made a swift change in the way we chat with each other; it has made it all possible to call the person over your computer. Skype is a software application that has taken a new avatar. What’s more, these voice calls are free if you are calling to the person who also has a Skype ID. It has also added a unique feature to call on a landline and mobile phone as well. But for that you will have to pay some fee.

Now there is news that Facebook and Skype are planning to join hands with each other in the market. It is a famous saying that two is better than one. Here is what these two are trying to do. As a result you will be able to call your loved one with Skype on Facebook. One of the best things is that you do not have to pay for the calls you make. The only one thing you need is that you should have is a Skype ID.

News of the collaboration between Facebook and Skype is great. So far the users were able to chat on Facebook and Skype individually, but after the partnership, it will be possible for the users to make video calls to friends on Facebook. It is really a revolutionary step. It may be a rumor, but if it is true it is going to make a drastic and welcoming change in the social networking arena. Let us hope and expect that these two players are going to join hands to make the dream possible.