Clocks, music players, personal computer and even air conditioners, all of these have been modified by some inventor or another to accommodate the need for portability and convenience by making all these items smaller than possible. Twenty years ago, you would not have known this except for that wishful thinking embedded in you by your futuristic comic books.

Now, the mother of all inventions is being integrated by the biggest technology companies in the world. The television is now within your grasp, literally and the likes of Google and Apple are here to make the concept better. But who is winning the race?

Last month, Steve Jobs has announced that Apple TV has become more of a hobby than a project. However, everyone must be wondering, is this true or is it just an excuse for Apple to play with the minds of the expectant public? It seems impossible that Steve Jobs would let Google steal the spotlight of his pet project, but is it really possible?

In any case, the public is starting to believe that there will indeed be an Apple TV 2, but this time, with Netflix and Hulu. If this video streaming collaboration indeed happens, then this might be available through the Apple App store itself.

Recent reports have stated that this next version of the Apple TV is capable of running on an iOS 4 and will cost no less than $99. The release of a new Apple TV version seems inevitable but at a price of $99? That seems a little unbelievable even for the bargain hungry shopper. However, there might be some truth to this since Google will certainly release their device at a competitive price.

According to the NY Times article that Pocket-lint has recalled, an Apple insider claims that the Cupertino Company is indeed working on a newer and better version of the Apple TV. Apparently, they now have a team working on a number of key areas for the alleged Apple TV 2. They have been recruiting an experienced battalion of staff members who are knowledgeable in broadcast design. This may also include a new cloud-based iTunes service with a new “redesigned” interface.

Google TV needs to watch its back because the Cupertino-based company seems to be looking forward to destroy the looming threat of its release. This battle will be something in the likes of an anticipated Pacquiao VS Mayweather match. Will it be happening? Or is it just another rumor running through the techie grapevine?

If this goes public, then the competition will need to strive for something better in its next version of their device because with the power of Netflix and Hulu within Apple’s reach, who knows how far they can reach. Apple enthusiasts and the less informed percentage of the masses will be reeling with joy.

With access to videos and movies that are only available on certain devices and personal computers, the need for cable might become nothing more than another chapter in history. People might prefer a wide screen TV to a tiny handheld device, but this tiny handheld device can be taken to the farthest reaches in the world except for those where you can’t find a satellite signal.