Facebook users can heave a sigh of relief because the top officials of Facebook have denied all the rumors about charging its users for using this social website. It was earlier reported that Facebook, one of the world’s most popular social websites, would charge all its customers for its usage. But Facebook has strongly denied this rumor saying that they never intend to charge the 350 million Facebook users they have.

There is an interesting story behind this allegation about Facebook. Actually there was a rumor that Facebook, due to its increasing popularity was in the limelight always and there were offers from all corners to buy this social website from its present owner Mark Zuckerberg. Most of the users in Facebook felt that if the hands changed then it was sure that Facebook would be made a pay site. This was not only a rumor in the sense that this particular news began creating waves in all quarters as it was strongly said that Facebook would be charging $14.99 from the start of July 2010. This is actually the beginning of the story.

It is since then the uprising of two identical groups began inside this social website which began opposing Facebook and Facebook officials based on the rumor that it is going to be made a pay site. One among the two groups is called as “We will not pay to use Facebook. We are gone if this happens” has attracted nearly 140, 000 members in it. The main aim of this group is to reach the 300, 000 members mark and then file a petition against Facebook against the charging plans.

The popularity of this particular group in Facebook grew so much that the officials had to respond to their questions. The second group which had a similar sort of theme did attract 60,000 members. Both these groups had a combined member strength of around 200,000 which is indeed a strong force to voice against Facebook becoming a pay site.

It was because of the popularity and strength of these two groups that the Spokesman of Facebook had to personally inform the users that there were no plans of charging its users from July 2010 and also informed it is an unfair allegation against Facebook and its officials that they will be charging all its members. The Spokesman also informed that it was just a hoax email which was circulated in the site which claimed that Facebook would be charging the users and there was no authenticity behind it.

It is indeed heartwarming to see that Facebook and its officials responded very quickly to the voices of its members. It is also very good to know that groups of such kind have a great impact on things like these. And a new group called as “Save Top Gear” is creating stirs as well. This group has about 420,000 members in it. The main aim of this particular group is to stop the “Top Gear” program in BBC from being axed.