It is stated that Facebook is in negotiations with the `social activity` to get the service of the Hot Potato. The negotiations are at their late stages and Facebook is more likely to get the service of Hot Potato.

Hot potato

Hot potato gives the users the facility to share whatever they are doing using a dead simple Web interface. The users can share each and everything through it. They can easily share whatever they are doing, whatever they are listening to and whatever they are reading. The users can easily use it through the iphone applications as well. It is really user friendly and can make the users feel good about their life. The users can share each and everything with their friends and can also tell their friends what they are doing at what time.  The social activity is really a good strategy for Facebook and a very good thing for mobile users.

The engineers have built a very nice mobile application. If Facebook would get the facility of social networking through the hot potato then it would make Facebook enter the  `check-in` craze.  Facebook is looking forward to become a primarily mobile service.

The possible outcome

If Facebook gets the services of hot potato then it will become more popular for its social networking activities. The Facebook users will be able to use the social networking facility more often and they will get better ways to express their thoughts. The users will be able to use their mobile phones to access these applications anywhere anytime in the world. The users will be able to share what they are listening to what they are watching and where they are going with their friends. The users will become more social and they will be able to access the desired things at a greater speed and in a lesser time.

The Facebook will become crazier with some of the new features that are going to be a part of it. Facebook needs to attract the users with its features so that the people who are going away from it would be attracted towards it and they start using it again. The hot potato can be a golden chance for Facebook. The crazy users of Facebook will be more interested in it. With the help of this Facebook will become more popular and more widely used. Different people have different areas of interest and if there will be more options for the users then they will use it more often. Facebook needs to be more efficient and productive so that it can cover all the areas of interest of different users and become more efficient.  Facebook is actually working on acquiring hot potato and continues to make it ready for LBS. The users are happy with this news as they will get better opportunities to express themselves and contact their loved ones.