Another successful invention from Microsoft, Internet Fraud Alert system, is designed to facilitate security researchers. With the help of this mechanism, researchers can report about stolen information to respective providers or organizations. So far, there was no technology which can quickly inform about these compromised or stolen credentials to the service source. Hence, Internet Fraud Alert system is truly an advantageous technology introduced by Microsoft-led coalition.

Security researcher is an essential element of various fields such as financial services, retail, government, technology, consumer advocacy and academia. They often come across with stolen details like password, user name or login information. Sometimes, this information contains credit card numbers that are compromised. Now it has become effortless to alert the proper institutions like bank, about these credentials. Microsoft technology controls the centralized alerting system which is actually designed in favor of this program. This centralized alerting system will immediately report these stolen credentials to companies or banks so that they can take correct steps towards the security of their customers.

As far as the factors like security and expediency are concerned, no other technology can challenge Internet Fraud Alert system. It will be a progressive step in the field of Cyber crime. Considering this fact, Microsoft has handed over this technology to National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance. This organization will manage this program. In addition, many standard associations across the world such as eBay, PayPal, Federal Trade Commission, Citizens Bank, are all set to involve themselves in this program. This list also includes National Consumers League, Anti-Phishing Working Group, Accuity and the American Bankers Association too.

According to the authorities of Microsoft, people who exchange information through fake or compromised identities get profit and share by using stolen credentials. But now, Microsoft has made it by developing techniques to oppose this thievery of identities. Because of the great amalgamation of latest technology and momentous partnership, Internet Fraud Alert system quickly warns institutions in order to take some serious actions to fight crime.

Officials from Risk Management Policy also support Internet Fraud Alert system. They say an important link is provided by Internet Fraud Alert system, which connect National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance and security researchers who encounter some stolen credentials while investigation. As they find out any suspicious data, they inform it to the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance; and then that particular customer is protected from any possible harm.

On the whole, this Internet Fraud Alert system is really powerful and expedient technology. Security researchers agree to the need of such a vigorous system. Assistance of Internet Fraud alert system has really made their work much easier. This system has also proved itself. Anti-Phishing Working Group has taken a delivery of over 410,000 phishing emails praising its work and expediency. Cyber crime is becoming more and more dangerous now days as terrorist activities are becoming part of it. Thus using internet for financial transactions or for exchange of important documents has become risky. As far as cyber security issues are concerned, efforts of Microsoft are really paid off.