Social networking websites are undoubtedly of great interest to persons with malicious intent. The best way to deal with them is to be aware. In this fast paced world, staying away from the internet may be detrimental to future prospects therefore; online safety is of primary importance.

Discussions with CEOP, UK

CEOP- Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, UK has faced an uphill task since November 2009. But their constant efforts and dialogue with social networking giants like Bebo, MySpace and Facebook seem to have finally yielded results. This UK law enforcement agency had asked for the inclusion of a child safety application like a panic button to be installed on Facebook pages so that anyone facing any kind of trauma online including hacking issues could, at the click of a button, bring the perpetrators to book. Bebo and MySpace acquiesced to this request whereas Facebook was initially resistant to this addition. The point of contention being that Facebook maintained that their reporting systems were adequate and did the job fully well. March 2010 saw this claim falter when a teenager was kidnapped, raped and murdered by a Facebook friend who had posed as a teenager. In view of this incident and further dialogue with the CEOP, Facebook has jumped onto the wagon. This child safety application is aimed at teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18. Parents might be able to rest easy with the addition of this outlet to any harassment that their children may face while online.

ClickCEOP for Help

An automatic update or prompt will appear on the Facebook homepage of all teenagers asking them to add this application. Bookmarking this application means a step in the positive direction for child safety. Not only does this help teenagers facing any such issue but also helps them help their friends. ClickCEOP button can be utilized if faced with anonymous messages, propagation of false stories and also when they notice any kind of suspicious or inappropriate behavior. Parents of teenagers may rest assured that this is a new and potent layer against online exploitation. The interests of CEOP and Facebook are the safety and security of social networking website users. Not only will the panic button work as a deterrent to online predators but this will also provide teenagers with a support system in times of need.

This online reporting application will help you stay safe when you are online. To generate interest and enthusiasm in this child safety application, a CEOP page has been created which comprises of an array of topics that will be of interest to teenagers from all walks of life. These include topics like music, examination, books and celebrities. This page will be created in a way that ensures the linkage of these varied topics to questions about online safety and security.

As with all other applications on Facebook, ClickCEOP is a free application and is easy to use as well as share. The dangers of social networking websites need to be intimated to users in a friendly yet severe manner. Very simply and interestingly woven into the fabric of Facebook applications, the ClickCEOP page provides immediate access to all the pertinent and up-to-date information on internet safety including how to handle malware, viruses and proper information sharing. When in doubt, hit the panic button!