Sakshat the Indian tablet for just $35 is soon going to be out in India on January 10 2011.  Sakshat is a tablet which is the Indian government’s initiative to introduce it for educational purposes for the rural areas. The contract had been awarded to HCL Technologies, which in the course of its development, has designed a tablet that enables user to access the Internet and enable multimedia application. Currently HCL Technologies has manages to produce 100,000 units of the tablet, which is said to be a rural boom in the coming years.

In order understand the impact the tablet will have and check for any defects the Technology Institute in Rajastan is conducting field tests on the tablet. The target audience of the tablet are said to be higher secondary school children, in the rural areas who are said to greatly benefit through this technological marvel.

Similar projects of low cost technology development were earlier initiated by the government in which HCL had developed the low cost laptop in collaboration with Windows, which was known as the classmate PC in 2008.

The Specifications of Sakshat are as follows:

  • 9 inch screen
  • Video and Web conferencing support
  • PDF Reader
  • Unzip Utilities
  • Open Office
  • Internet Browser
  • 2GB RAM,
  • Wi-fi Connectivity
  • Camera
  • USB support

The Indian government had allocated $6.5 million, for this project. With the success of the low cost laptop, experts are keen to see what Sakshat has to offer to bridge the technology divide.