For many experts the news of Windows and Linux selling more servers for Q2 ending won’t come as a surprise. According to IDC the demand for non-x86 servers has decreased tremendously. This has mainly been due to aggressive marketing campaigns that Linux and Windows are able to level for their servers.

Moreover market capitalization of only x86 servers showed a dramatic increase of 6.7% units, almost an increase of 28.2% compared to previous years. In Q2 Microsoft gained windfall profit of $5 billion from its serves alone.  As compared to Microsoft Linux also raked in an impressive 30.1% growth with overall profits increasing to $1.8 billion.

Experts predict that the x86 servers compared better in terms of technological enhancements. This is one of the main reasons that Unix reported a decline in profits of 7.3%. Overall, the total market of non-x86 servers declined by 16%, which brought the total revenue gain at only $ 3.9 billion.

According to IDC the main reason for the sharp fall in Unix servers are largely due the applications and software enhancements that are catering more towards Windows and Linux servers. Recent trends suggest that IT companies are more confident of creating software applications related to security and networking in Windows and Linux servers than in Unix servers.

In terms of the complete market overview other major IT players in servers, proved better in their overall results as HP reported a revenue of $3.5 billion, IBM of $3.2 billion and Dell of $1.7 billion.