Samsung Electronics has announced the acquisition of Dutch company Liquavista. Samsung plans to establish itself as a leader in displays for mobile devices. In order to compete with Nokia and Apple, the company Samsung has reportedly taken this step. Liquavista was founded in 2006, when it separated from Philips Research Labs. The company has developed a new type of technology for electronic displays known as electrowetting, which allows the display of color images with a significant reduction in energy consumption. The technology can be used in applications for e-readers, cell phones, media players and other mobile devices. With the acquisition, Liquavista becomes a business unit of Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Electronics has acquired all the shares of Liquavista. Samsung will be able to obtain significant synergies through the use of current facilities and capabilities. It uses two immiscible liquids which are applied in an electric current to obtain color variations. The technique is different from companies like E-Ink, but produces a close result, which can be used in e-book readers or electronic gadgets. Liquavista has actively worked on the displays and e-paper color, and is also capable of handling moving images and video, which is one of the great challenges ahead of e-paper. After several years of refinement of technology and availability of development kits, Samsung should be able to power forthcoming commercial products using technologies of Liquavista.