Samsung Continuum is the latest smartphone to be released in the US.  The phones release was announced at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE); however the phone was finally showcased at Times Square. Samsung Continuum is said to be a part of the Galaxy S series which have been the hallmark of Samsung’s release of smartphone. Currently the phone will only be available of the Verizon Wireless.

The Samsung Continuum is available for pre-order on November 11. However it won’t reach stores as early as November 18 for $200.

Some of the feature of the phone includes:

  • 3.4-inch Super AMOLED touch screen
  • OS-Android 2.1
  • DLNA-compliant, so it can quickly connect with TVs and other devices with DLNA capabilities
  • Multiple ranges of applications including “Layar” apps
  • Separate “ticker” display to receive messages and latest updates

The functionality of the phone is similar to the Galaxy S series; however the main break-off with the Samsung Continuum is the “ticker” display, which has been uniquely added by Samsung to receive latest updates and messages while surfing through information on the main 3.4-inch Super AMOLED touch screen.

Ticker display

The “ticker” displays information regarding incoming and the status of the messages. Just like to main AMOLED screen the ticker display is touch screen enabled through which you can get an update of incoming messages.

Activation of the ticker can be enabled from the main display using a unique grip sensor on the sides of the device. This enables users to select relevant information without illuminating the screen.