Samsung has denied rumours that it will charge carriers with regards the Android update, thus forcing T-Mobile in withholding update to Samsung Vibrant. Earlier it was reported that Samsung was not intentionally updating the operating system of Vibrant to Android 2.2 as had been committed to customers, fearing that the update will lessen the interest for the upcoming 4G enabled version. A T-Mobile employee told Android Spin that Samsung did not allow T-Mobile for pushing out the update. In addition to that, the source disclosed that original Vibrant may use 4G fully which they are not disclosing.

Samsung Mobile dispatched an e-mail addressed to Phone Scoop briefing that Samsung is not in the practice of charging the carriers for updates of Froyo to Samsung Galaxy S. They expect to obtain more information on the current status very shortly. Samsung felt that it was important for making the Android 2.2 Froyo obtainable only after they felt that one could give the owners of Galaxy S a reliable and simple experience of upgrading. Owing to complication and unique nature of functionality for each Galaxy S device, they were conducting additional type of testing and were working to offer the Andorid 2.2 Froyo upgrade to all owners of Galaxy S as early as possible, including the Samsung Vibrant.