Its seems like Samsung has finally decided to take the plunge into the tablet market with its release of the it Galaxy Tab. Apart from the iPad the Galaxy tab has added further features towards the development of the tablet platform. Some of the features of the Galaxy tab include:

  • Flash –Unlike Apple which had a huge debacle with Adobe over the flash issue, the Galaxy tab includes a flash. Moreover it has an entire lineup of Apps that are primarily designed on the flash platform.
  • Camera – It has two cameras that are situated in the back and front to allow video conferencing. Moreover it records video in HD. The camera is 3MP with LED flash.
  • Android OS – As an open source operating system the Galaxy tab is certainly feasible than the iOS4 which has a lot of bugs.
  • Call and tethering – This all is possible through the SIM and the 3G network through the Tab when compared to the iPad.
  • Multitasking – With a 1.0 GHz processor the Galaxy tab has a efficient control over applications which enables multitasking between applications. Whether you are busy downloading on the Internet or reading a book, the Galaxy tab enables you to perform numerous tasks.

For starters it seems like the Galaxy Tab is just a larger version of the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. However, Samsung has designed the device to meet its brand criteria, as the applications are seemingly similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.