Recently, there were reports regarding Samsung and all US carriers going head on with regard to fees for updates which allegedly Samsung was demanding from the carriers on a per device updation basis. Interestingly neither has Samsung accepted these rumors nor have denied them. In a news item, a spokesperson for Samsung stated that they will not be charging carriers for Froyo updates to Galaxy S.

Even after Samsung had sold more than 4 million Galaxy S handsets in the US, the Froyo updates for the same have been delayed, leaving the product with the Android 2.1 till date. Owners of Samsung phones with Android are not sure about the standoff between carriers and Samsung. Some posts show that the Galaxy S will be ready for the Froyo updates in March 2011.

There is no doubt Android 2.3, the Gingerbread OS is on its way. Developers are looking at introduction of the updates as they happen. No doubt Google is also working behind the scenes to make it happen as quick as is required. One could also notice the development interface getting updated bringing high resolution graphics to the forefront along with promotional videos. Maybe the Android market is getting ready to change as a whole.

In fact the whole smart phone and tablet market appears upbeat. The introduction of the browser based touch screen phones and many interesting predictions for the future appear to be growing into a gamut of business opportunities. Once again the open source project community , Android, Google and manufacturers like Samsung and others need to come to a proper consensus on making the newly developed operating systems and updates available to the users without delays and that too, over a wide spectrum of Android based device manufacturers.