There are ongoing rumors and leaks regarding the launch of the new iPad2 and the features that it might have. Some of the few things that have already been confirmed regarding the features of the new iPad2 include the front and rear view camera and also the SD lot coming along with it. Sources from the technical group have also confirmed that the iPad 2 will tart being shipped by April of this year.The SD slot coming along with iPad 2 is believed to be meant for data transfer and not for increasing the ipods already existing storage. iPad 2 is also rumored to have GSM and CDMA chip set. This feature of the gen X iPod will allow Apple to produce a single line of iPads with which CDMA careers can be used. The other rumored feature about the iPod2 is the high resolution accompanying the cameras.With all the above features Apples iPad 2 is sure to storm the market. On the thirteenth of this month Samsung announced of the launch of Galaxy tab 10.1. Like Motorola, Samsung too is trying to put an impressive challenge to Apple’s iPod.  Both Samsung as well as Nvidia made announcements in Barcelona that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will process Google’s Android 3.0 (“Honeycomb”) software besides the dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. These are the same chips and software that are also being used by Motorola in its Xoom tablet. The software’s are to provide optimal entertainment and multimedia experience without compromising with its mobile feature.The 10-inch tablet taps by Samsung uses  the Tegra 2 chip to force the use of the first kind of  GPU-powered user interface that heve been tailored specially for tablets and other larger-screen devices. The Graphic processing units are being designed by Nvidia’a forte. Along with Tegra 2, Nvidia GeForce GPU couples with dual-core processor design from ARM. The same design is being replicated by Motorola is with the Xoom. The Tegra 2 software allows user to surf quickly along with features like fast loading and console quality gaming.

Features of both the Xoom by Motorola and the Galaxy Tab by Samsung are bound to attract user’s attention away from Apples iPad. All the three gen X tabs are almost similar in their processing systems with better graphics silicon, a dual-core processor, and a couple of cameras. Expanded memory is another feature of these modern aged iPad’s. To date, Apple has had the opportunity to grab the tablet market pretty much for itself. These days are likely to get over with the entry of heavyweights like Samsung, Google and Motorola. These software companies are bringing in technologies and marketing prowess that is surely going to make an impact on the market.

The A4 processor used in the iPad is processed by Samsung’s Semiconductor. The reason why Samsung opted for Nvidia in processing its own processor means that some kind of dynamics regarding chip sourcing exists between Apple and Samsung.