Suddenly out of the blue, barely after the Android 2.3 Gingerbread and 3.0 Honeycomb, there is news on the Nexus S which is a Google branded phone which is a  2.4 Android version . The question is whether it is really a new version of Android or is it an iteration of Gingerbread which Google wanted to introduce but could release in the 2.2 version. Samsung is getting a new model cleared from the FCC, with specifications that could release the new version Android 2.4.

The FCC in the US takes time. So, is Samsung toying around with the idea of introducing it in the Europe under the ageis of T-Mobile along with HSPA? The Best Boyz video, from Germany gives you a peek into what may be the next engineering thing. The profile of the Samsung Nexus S, having passed the Wi –  Fi alliance certification and the Bluetooth SIG certification, credence can be attached to the Best Boyz video rumor of the Android 2.4 platform for the Nexus S.

Since Samsung is due to release their hardware version shortly, the question is whether the Android 2.4 will become a reality as there is hardly any time left for development. Taking a look at the CyanogenMod benchmark, the Nexus S, is clocking sweet results. Android 2.2 has almost become the majority version of the OS considering a number of products using it as a base just as Android 2.3 gets introduced. The 2.3 updates, find limited utilization as products with capabilities and being in existence in this platform are relatively few. In contrast, Samsung Nexus S, with Android 2.3 and / or with Android 2.4 needs superfast movement so that developers can target their new application developments on the latest version instead of calling for backward compatibility. The Samsung Nexus S has a very sleek structure and a powerful Super Amoled screen, presenting high contrast icon displays besides technological excellence in frot glass curvature design bringing utility in glare resistant views and interesting perspective. The front facing and rear-facing cameras bring in another advancement in perspective of new apps being developed across the board.

The multi-touch input, on screen improvements, track pads are typical Android upgrades making the internet experience a trendy affair. Multi-media via Flash and streaming are strengths that one can look forward to.