In the ever increasing load of applications and widgets that are being created every day, it becomes necessary to multi task between the various applications that are running in your Smartphone. You might have been frustrated with the occasional delays that your Smartphone may have while starting up. Well, with Samsung introducing the Dual-Core A9 Processor things are certainly going to speed up. Samsung seeks to gain a competitive edge of Qualcomm Snapdragon and Tegra 2 which are currently ahead with developing the dual core processor.

According to Vice president of Marketing, System LSI Division, Samsung Electronics, Dojun Rhee “Consumers are demanding the full web experience without compromise while on the go. Given this trend, mobile device designers need an application processor platform that delivers superb multimedia performance, fast CPU processing speed, and abundant memory bandwidth. Samsung’s newest dual core application processor chip is designed specifically to fulfill such stringent performance requirements while maintaining long battery life.”

Experts point out that a mobile device is keen to become the next “PC” for consumers, as advances in application development has brought about greater access to information. Not only do consumers need GUI applications but they would like to have an entertaining experience by playing games, view movies or take photos on the go. In order to make this happen the only alternative is to increase the CPU speed of the processor. Due to these reasons Samsung has invested into the market of Dual Core processors, which will certainly facilitate its own product developments of products like Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy Wave.