CES 2011 saw many innovative technologies and devices. CES 2011 technology conference was a vital event in the calendar year 2011 for major technology companies.  Every major technology companies were there and they showcased some of the best technology so far. We saw many improved and also newly developed devices from Apple, Acer and many more other companies. They showcased what they will launch in near future, main topic that was the hottest there was tablet computers. Every other company is focusing on developing a perfect tablet computer.

Samsung also unveiled the TX100, a Tablet/Netbook hybrid at CES 2011. The tablet looks set to be the flagship of a flotilla of releases in 2011. The Samsung Netbook is powered with Intel Atom, Microsoft’s Windows 7 and it also features a sliding 10.1 inch touchscreen. When you slide the TX100’s screen backward it not only reveals a physical keyboard for Netbook use, but also you will be able to see the appearance of a “Netbook-style user interface” on the desktop.

The tablet market is growing like never before and many tech companies are launching their tablets. Samsung are also hoping big about the TX100 and they told that this simple transition will give this device the edge over others. Darren Matthews, general manager of samsung’s computing division told that “We see the TX100 as an exciting prospect for education – due to its portability and ability to perform as a Netbook or tablet.” He also mentioned that “We’re committed to improving and diversifying learning experiences through technology and are constantly looking for ways to develop our technology for use in the classroom.”

There are also other Samsung devices heading our way such as the ZX310 Netbook, it has a special feature of self-explanatory “SuperBright Plus” display and the turbo-charged R-series. This device will be fully power up in less than three seconds as Samsung claims. There is also one more device called as NB30 device, main feature of this device is the extended battery life.

Samsung is also continuing its education theme with the re-launch of SF310 Netbook. This device is aimed at “style conscious students”. Samsung also said that the device will provide just the thing to help you out in January exams.

Tablet computer are getting popular these days and every one wants to participate in the competition. With some attractive and powerful tablets Samsung want to attract more consumers after the galaxy Tab with Androids. Although the galaxy is not picking up as they thought but still going on with steady pace. With Android its look stronger and more attractive but Netbooks are slight different with Windows 7. Windows 7 is very popular among computer users worldwide and Samsung is hoping that these devices i.e. TX100 Tablet PC / Netbook hybrid will be a success.