Sanyo has recently launched a waterproof camera and according to their claims, it is better than most other cameras on the grounds of strength, weight and quality! They say that the camera will be lighter in weight, have a stronger body and offer greater picture quality!

This is the first camera in the world which has the capability of shooting high definition video under water. This facility is available with both the sixteen mbps as well as the thirty mbps versions. The DMX-CA100 feature of the camera helps the lens holder to take visuals deep under water and this is not possible with other cameras in the market. This device allows going up to three meters in sixty minutes, a feature which was not available before!

The pixel range of the camera has been increased with the speed of the 14Mpix CMOS censor. The image processing engine of the camera ensures that you get a high quality image when you take pictures under water or outside! Other great features of this camera are the SDXC support and the Micro USB that enable you to charge your phone or connect it to your desktops or laptops.

The changes that have been incorporated in this camera are being welcomed by both- the critics as well as the general public. People are very much impressed by the video shooting abilities of the camera under water and those who have experienced this are all praises for this new Sanyo product.

At the official press release, they had lot of good things to say about their latest offering. They claimed that the customers would have an exceptional video experience with this camera and that it will be something that they would have not experienced earlier! These devices would not only be useful to take pictures and videos of important events in our lives but also for capturing the daily moments that make life worth living! These cameras, as per its makers, are not only good for clicking pictures or watching videos but also very compatible with the computer and television environment.

The images captured by this camera can be easily imported to other portable devices. Some of the key features of the camera lie in its uniqueness of being the first waterproof full HD dual camera. Another feature is the fourteen mega pixel resolution which is high for a compact digital camera. Finally, the most admired feature of this camera is the double zoom feature which enables you to capture objects from a distance with great clarity and focus.

Sanyo is however, a small player in the digital camera market and will take some time to make its mark. They will face stiff competition from rival companies and will have to pay a lot of emphasis on marketing. They need to keep a keen eye on the market and offer the product at a reasonable price. This new addition to Sanyo’s wide range of products is due for a July release. If you are looking to get your hands on a new digital camera, this is definitely worth a small wait.