According to recent media reports, the UK government is preparing to upgrade its speed surveillance camera that would be cost effective and able to detect number plates in all weather situations.

As satellites are located in space, they will be able to track the speed of a car from one point to another. Once it is able to track an over-speeding car it will be able to alert ground control cameras, which will detect the number plate.

The Home Office is testing the technology in Southwark, London and between Antony and Torpoint in Cornwall.

The “SpeedSpike” system has been developed by SpeedSpike which is an American based company in Hampshire. This system calculates the average speed between any two points in the network. It then sends the information back to a secure database, which can be used for referencing the number plates.

Satellites provide GPS data, which can be used for tracking specific cars that are over speeding. The information can also be used for tracking, traffic congestions around schools and offices. Through the GPS, the police can direct traffic smoothly, therefore reducing congestion dramatically.

However the growing surveillance of the state has raised concerns with the public, as it feels that their privacy is being hindered. Unlike Hollywood movies that often portray a superficiality of the government to spy on its citizen; the increasing surveillance through security cameras, by the government, comes at a time of heightened terrorist threats.

The developments in this technology, with the help of satellites, only help to achieve a low cost and efficient speed detection system.