Electricity conservation is a subject that is undergoing great debates all around the world. There have been standards set in order to conserve more and more energy resources in order to reduce the amount of electricity exploited in many different ways. This would not only reduce the energy exploitation but also reduce your electricity bills. The first part might not attract you, but who doesn’t want their electricity bills to cut short.

Reason for invention:

Vampire power is the name given to all the electricity that is being sucked up the power lines while your appliance is not being used up. The standby modes of many different appliances suck up electricity. These include televisions, ovens, audio systems, air conditioners and your mobile phone at standby mode while not running. The tools from Belkin are designed in a way to minimize the electricity loss and avoid the amount of electricity suction while it is not being used up primarily.

Conserve Valet Station:

The conserve valet station has been designed to avoid the vampire suction of electricity by your mobile phones while they are on charge. For most of the time you set your mobile connected to your charger and forget to unplug it once it is completely charged. This usually happens to people who charge their mobile phones during night. The first of the energy management units is the Conserve Valet Station that is capable of charging 4 mobiles at the same time. Once the mobiles are completely charged, the unit goes to sleep automatically and you need to flip its switch to bring it to life again.

The device is set to be a milestone in helping people gets appropriate gadgets to limit the use of electric energy and to save it for future use.

Conserve Insight:

Measure of devices and their energy consumption is a concern to many of the users around the world. Companies and individuals pay huge electricity bills for all the consumptions that they make in the month. There are a number of appliances that are around your living place or your workplace. The conserve insight is device that gives you the option of setting the cost of electricity per unit that you consume. This gives you the rate of all the energy that you consume in addition to the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that take place in the processes.

This device is a great help for those who are concerned with the amount of energy that they use up as well as the harm they are causing to the environment.

Conserve Smart AV:

The Conserve Smart AV is an eight socket unit where you can connect your appliances to electricity supply. This helps you save energy by cutting the power supple once it feels that the consumption has reduced considerably. For an instance, it cuts your power supply once you turn off your system while the monitor and other peripherals are on standby.

Conserve Socket:

Conserve socket is the simplest of all the devices that has been made by Belkin. The socket connection is embedded with a timer that runs backward. You can set the power timing to be a minimum of 30 minutes while a maximum of 6 hours depending on the time you need the connected appliance.