There are a lot of people who have to work and are back home late. After the long days work there is not much energy left to cook, so they just order it o the phone. At times they are so tired they just come home and rest. After a while they realize that they have to cook food and get the energy that would make them move on. At that time moving a few steps too seems as if it would be a mile walk. For such people the latest news to bring them relief is here. Now, these people can order food online. And all the credit goes to SeamlessWeb. This is the latest in the Android market and is now available in 14 major cities of US. This has become the top online ordering service for food.

With this food ordering service can get you the info on all the restaurants in the area that you are in or want to know about. One has to just get an account with seamlessWeb and then he/she can just order as and when required and get it delivered at the place of his/her choice. One can also pick up on the way to that place if he/she can or wants to.

With the latest version of Android one can one can do a complex search and even pick the tools that he / she wants to use. All this is not something that he/she would be charged for. But for the food one will have to pay!  But definitely this news is welcoming and really a good for many.

In today’s time there are no fixed timings as when would be free from the work as the work load is generally too much. So, one can rest assured that this service can be availed as and when one wants. There are no fixed timings for taking help of this service. Another advantageous point related to this one is that there is not just few restaurants that you can order from. There are more than 6000 restaurants from which you can use your meal and order. And with the Android one can order the same meal with just a few taps. One does not have to keep in mind what he/she last ate.

If you love the food of any particular restaurant you can search the meal by the name of the restaurant. And give the details of the address at which you want it to be delivered. This can be good option for those who want to throw a party suddenly.

For all those who already have a seamlessWeb account, there is no need for opening a new one. One can simply sync the same account with this one and get this advantageous facility.

What else can one ask for on this earth to help them out to get them relief from the job of cooking and this is definitely the best for those who know how to work with Android but do not know how to cook.