It is really a setback for Yahoo to know that the search share of Yahoo! search engine for U.S searches experienced a great fall in December 2010. The Company ComScore estimated market shares of major U.S. search engines in the last year. Last month, Americans have made a total of 18.2 billion search queries. This is a 3% increase compared with November, when users asked for help to search engines 17800000000 times.

Google occupies leading position and treated with 11.7 billion queries. Its share of the searches is 64.3%. Yahoo is at Second place via which it controls 18.8% of the market. Last month, the company’s share decreased by 0.5% and On  contrary to this, Microsoft strengthens its position in December to search services corporation appealed 12.0% of web users against 11.3% a month earlier.

In U.S for December 2010 total queries which have been generated were about 16.4 billion. In this case, the order of 11 billion queries accounted for Google. Yahoo! Sites and Microsoft have processed about 2.6 billion and 2 billion queries, respectively. At Ask Network and AOL had about 575 million and 312 million queries, respectively, reports BFM.

The fourth and fifth place is respectively scored by Ask Network and AOL with 3.2 and 1.7%. Shares of the companies compared to November decreased by 0.1%. The above mention stats are based on the data available at the website of ComScore.

You will be amazed to know that according to ComScore data of November month also the popular social network Yahoo was positioned at number three, behind Google and Microsoft.  Facebook wins another record, confirming the success achieved in the public worldwide. The popular social network has become the third most visited Web site, behind Google and Microsoft.

The news  came from ComScore , a company specializing in the sector, according to which, the website founded by Mark Zuckerberg, would have reached the quota of 647.5 million unique visitors in November, surpassing Yahoo! (630.3 million unique visitors).

Of course the first place resists for Google, far away from all the pursuers, with a penetration of 73.8% to 970.1 million visitors. In second place is Microsoft (with 869.4 million and 66.2%).

So after reading the above mentioned stats it’s easily understood that the most popular search engine of the world Yahoo! is now losing its popularity day by day and the social network site Facebook has really achieved the heights in terms of growth and popularity. Google is maintaining its position on the Top level in search engine whereas Microsoft MSN is also growing by promoting its search engine Bing.

Yahoo this is really the time to do something unique to attract more visitors to the search engine. Now, one has to wait and watch what Yahoo! will bring for its visitors. It should be unique and promising.