From gaming apps to educational ones, travel and health to beauty and fashion apps, mobile applications have become an integral part of this tech-friendly society. But, how safe is it to download apps on your mobile phone without having the risk of putting down malicious content on your phone?

It’s not at all safe to download malware on your phone! To keep you mobile safe from any such malicious program, you can download antivirus that will block every such content from your device. AppGuard is a quick yet simple antivirus launched to secure your device from the risk of virus attacks. It blocks zero-day malware attacks and prevents access to other program’s memory.

Available for $29.95, AppGuard is quick in blocking changes made to any sensitive system area and it can easily crack down protection to install or update valid programs into your device.

Installing AppGuard

Downloading this antivirus into your mobile device is easy as it only takes few minutes to reboot the program to start work immediately. Coming to how it appears on your device, well it has its main window dominated by a single slider that controls the protection levels on your phone. You can set the level as medium to allow applications to update on their own and “Locked Down” to restrict any kind of installations or updates from the Internet. To allow the installation and updating of apps, you need to however lower protection to the “Install” level temporarily.

How is it different from other antivirus?

Other antivirus products like Anti-Executable 5.0 and VoodooShield works in a similar fashion but differently. The protection from these antiviruses is based on whitelisting where any program not on the whitelist won’t be able to launch itself. For example- If all programs on installation gets whitelisted, everything new gets blocked automatically.

Features at a glance

The two main features in AppGuard include “Guarded Applications” and “MemoryGuarded.” While the first feature helps you add most widely used applications directly to the guard list, the other helps securing access to another process’s memory. However, due to this you may prevent some programs from working properly, therefore you need to know how to suspend or disable the feature on your phone.

Another advancing feature “User Space” helps a user to store locations normally accessible to non-administrator so that the user can protect its applications from malware. It includes the current user’s directory along with removable or network drives, among other locations.

Bottom line

Various levels in AppGuard decide the level of protection it can provide to your device. The medium protection level which is set at the default helps you to block all unsigned apps from launching; the “Guarded” level allows all the digitally-signed apps to launch, and the “Locked down” mode block both the types of applications.

Sometimes such restrictions can cause some programs not to work and the complexity of this antivirus program lets the user make errors in advance configuration which further cause serious issues. After understanding each and every function of AppGuard antivirus completely, it is easy to say that the product deserves a trial. This is the best one can get at such a reasonable price!