Up until now, Twitter was known to offer breaking news, information on global events, local updates and a ground-breaking platform to indulge in healthy conversations. And now for your security, Twitter has geared up to combat the growing number of hacking attacks, making your account absolutely safe from unauthorized logins. The two-step authentication measure, available from today as an option, comes after numerous hacks of high-profile Twitter accounts, like the Associated Press, E! Online, and The Onion.

Jim O’Leary from Twitter’s product security team said “the new feature is in response to accounts “occasionally” being compromised by phishing schemes or password breaches on other sites”.

So how can make your Twitter account safe

To enable login verification from your Twitter account, all you need is a confirmed e-mail address and a verified phone number. It adds a six-digit code validation that is sent to your registered phone number by SMS every time you sign in to your Twitter account. Just enter the six-digit code and you are all set to tweet. So basically, besides your username and password, you will also have to enter the code to successfully log in. Similarly, to log back out, you will be asked to enter the six-digit code that you entered while signing in. This means that all the potential hackers would need to not only crack your password, but also they would need your mobile phone.

Even if the new two-step authentication process gives an extra layer of security to your Twitter account, Twitter said “users should still take common precautions. That includes selecting complex passwords that are unique to their Twitter account, and not clicking on suspicious email links”.