Web sites and blogs are on the hot spot for the last years. Many users have been trying and signing up with these sites and really enjoyed it.

But just last 2006; a new site has been created with a more of SMS style of web sharing. With its unique features and sense of style by enabling the users to directly communicate to other users and share their daily activities, the population of users has grown bigger and bigger. The site was then called – twitter.

But what is really Twitter?

What is Twitter?

Created by Jack Dorsey, it is a social networking site that enables their users to send and read messages from other users in the site. It has a SMS style approach wherein users are able to make a text-based sharing with its fellow users, just like texting them personally.

Unlike with other social networks that you can gather as much friends as you like, the Twitter on the other hand would go for gathering many followers – these are people who could able to see your private page and can link into your profile and able to read your daily tweets ( a message term for the twitter users). These are not really your close friends, some are those people who liked your tweets and would like to know more about you.

But the starting years of the site has been centered on popular people. This is their way of communicating to their fans who wanted to be updated with their lives. But as the years passed, many ordinary people are using the site and been sharing their tweets to their followers.

But like other sites, Twitter has been facing a minor problem regarding their applications that tends to go out of the line regarding privacy of their users.

Issues: Security Hole

At present, there has been a slight issue that causes the site being questioned by some critics regarding the privacy of their users.

There has been a report of a minor security hole that causes other applications to be able to change some personal or profile data of the users. They can even manipulate your own profile account and can do anything with it.

With this, the site has been trying to solve it and been creating set of alternatives to counteract the said problem. It has been stated that it has something to do with the set of commands. Although labeled as a minor problem, users are still very particular on this issue that the site should do a fast move to be able to secure their users information.


Users must now also be able to take part by,  making sure their profile data are kept well. They must also go on trusted applications in the site rather than engaging to series of unknown applications that could bring harm to their information. This is one way of helping and preventing from being a victim to issues like this.

And also, we should be responsible with our own actions in considering these applications.