Have you been waiting to make a move on your desktop virtualization plans, just because you’re not sure whether you should pick VWWare, Citrix, MS or something else? Well, here are a few interesting announcements that you might have been just looking for.

VMWare has announced the VDI KICK START program targeted at those who’re trying to get started with virtual desktops. So, for those who’ve been looking for a budget-oriented program to enable their users to try out virtual desktops, it is just the perfect deal.

Coming to the pricing part, the VDI Kick Start program costs just about $28 per user for the initial 250 users, for a year. Another good thing about this program is that you get the goodness of XenDesktop VDI Edition and Microsoft VDI Suite Standard Edition at a reasonable price.

Therefore, all you need is about $7,000 to deliver the amazing experience of virtual desktops for as many as 250 users for the entire year.  Your users can use any device on a WAN, LAN, or any other centralized network to ensure enhanced security, and management in an effortless manner.

It includes all the necessary amenities to boost the chances of your virtual desktop implementation, and delivers key Microsoft platform technologies such as System Center Virtual Machine Manager, XenDesktop delivery solution, and Hyper-V, App-V. Hence, you can even deliver image management for optimizing storage, as well as HDX high definition user experience.

On the other hand, for those who’ve already tried their luck with desktop virtualization, and had very little success last time around, VMWare may not be just what they need. As such, Citrix has joined hand with Microsoft to deliver the RESCUE FOR VMWARE VDI PROGRAM, which even allows you to trade your old licenses for Microsoft VDI Suite, and/or Citrix XenDesktop totally free of cost. Indeed, this simply means that you don’t really need to spend even a penny on new licenses.

This looks like a brilliant move from Citrix-Microsoft collaboration, as this program will indeed be a rescue for those who want to make use of desktop virtualization concept, but haven’t been able to capitalize on it, due to lack of a familiar platform like MS System Center. At the same time, Microsoft & Citrix will be able to generate new customers, and capitalize on the Windows 7 release to the fullest extent.

VDI may not be an ideal bet for all kinds of users, but it is definitely worth taking a look. So, it hardly matters whether you’re trying to get kick started with VDI or looking for a rescue plan, it is just the right time to make a move; hurry up, this is a limited-time offer, and there are good chances that Microsoft & Citrix may decide to close it down after building a decent customer-base.