Maxim has played a significant role in bringing LVDS serialiser.Every invent of maxim integrated product has been extremely unique however the MAX9249 serializer has some advance features which gains the attention and interest of everyone. In a single DC balanced twisted pair or differential line, MAX9249 could provide a bidirectional digital video link if paired with MAX9260 deserialiser.Both the serialiser and deserialiser together form a gigabit multimedia chipset.


  • To support bidirectional digital video the serailiser MAX9249 has been designed on the core supply of 1.8V and thus has a splitted supply of input to partition 1.8V to 3.3 logic levels.
  • The MAX9249 comes in placed inside a 48 pin TQFP with dimension of 7mm X 7mm.


  • Serializer MAX9249 has performed greatly in reducing the EMI’s and thus making it easy for the serializer to get ahead of compliance tests with the help of programmable spread spectrum modulation.
  • MAX 9249 has been delivering continuous support to applications like sign recognition, right vision, lane departure, navigation and lot more.
  • It is possible to effectively use the fault tolerance through AC coupling which results in hot swap capability.
  • When the system powers up, checks on the link integrity by line fault detection and self test features.


  • The MAX 9249 replaces the CAN or LIN interface as the full duplex features comes along the chipset.
  • IT has the most simple design which saves fairly in terms of space and cost.
  • Not just constrained to bidirectional display but the MAX9249 has also contributed in programming of camera settings and offers interface on frame by frame basis.
  • The LVDS serializer helps in supporting applications like netbooks, mobile internet devices, digital picture frames and lot more.
  • It supports a wider pixel frequency range which also goes along high definition resolutions.

The MAX9249 has given some unique benefits which helps in saving a lot of expenses. It connects to any TTL level which diminishes the need of equipments. It also saves in space and support high definition.Targetting on high end multi media applications.

There are expectations from serialisers to make a move towards digital techniques to support high speed. The latest invents have also shown the inclination of serialisers towards the benefit and advantages of digital techniques. Thus in the near future the market is expected to have some more new ways of getting advanced techniques in hand which would not just support bidirectional video but would also bring in some more suprises.The efforts of MAX9249 into bringing fast and speedy connections helps in developing a reliable platform and trust in the product. Moreover the Ac coupling has added to the fault tolerance which also is one of the exceptional features of MAX9249.Therefore MAX9249 in combination with MAX 9260 has added to automatic infotainment. Eventually it would push the boundaries of support to be wider and would increase its scope of support in multiple dimensions which would increase its worth.