There was a time when old folks of the family used to narrate their past in form of long stories to the kids around them. They used to sneak in through their pasts and come up with a nice story to tell. Now, technology has made it a lot easier where you can easily set a memory in just 140 characters. Recently, a couple of Mail Tribune Twitter followers did the same in order to get hold of a Jackson County Fair prize package.


There were a couple of short sweet stories coming from different parts of the world. Someone narrated a glimpse into the past where they have lost their shoe in the storm and another came up with a short memory when he poured 5 gallon buckets of water on the rabbit to keep them cool in the heat. Everyone does enjoy life their way and the memories they have are distinct in every aspect. The guy certainly had fun playing with the rabbits that he shared this on twitter.

There was another story that was even interesting. It was a girl that took many of the readers straight to barns where one could really visualize what would have happened then. The girl narrated the story when she used to go to the barn at 5:30 early morning to milk them. There were even people grown up enough with kids. They shared the memories they had with their children and loved the spark that came into the eyes of all these children. A father narrated the laughter and smiles that her daughter gave him on her first carousel ride. He couldn’t resist without sharing the sweet memories they had then.

There was another father who shared the memory when her daughter was grown up enough to go on every ride that she wanted and as many times as she wanted. He was delighted by the joy in his daughter’s eyes that made her rule herself and do whatever that she wanted to enjoy quite a lot. There was another mother who recalled the first carousel ride with her own kids. The screams and the bursts of laughter are still around her and she can never forget that sweet little memory.

The Results

There was a lot more in the whole of the Twitter competition where people summarized their sweet memories in not more than just 140 characters. All the writers who shared these sweet short memories were entitled to be a part of the opening day fair package of the Little Bid Town Show at he Lithia Motors Amphitheater. The package included fair admission, parking at the fairgrounds as well as reservations of seats in the theatre.

The best part of the competition or the package offer was that it gave many a people a chance to sneak into their past and come up with a remarkable yet a sweet memory they had in their childhood or even something associated with the childhood of their very own kids.