Popular social networking platform Facebook has announced the release of its Facebook Camera photo application for iPhone. The app allows Facebook users to share many pictures simultaneously instead of having to post them one at a time to the social network.

How Facebook camera app works

The Facebook camera app works similar to Instagram, which has been acquired recently by the social networking platform, but through a different interface. Once the user signs in, the app offers news feed which only contains photos, alongside a camera/photo upload ‘quick-menu’ across the top. A tap on the top menu expands it to full screen, at which point the user can scroll through all his photos. From there, the user can either take a new picture, or select one or many to upload on its Facebook profile. The Facebook camera app also allows the users to make basic edits to the photos such as filtering, cropping, adding tags, etc. The user can comment on, tag, or ‘Like’ photos, but the app does not yet allow the user to save photos taken by others. Secondly, there is no option for uploading video on Facebook profile as well for time being.

From where to get the Facebook camera app

If you wish to install this photo sharing app on your iPhone, you can grab it from Apple’s App Store. For more details on Facebook camera app, visit the official page of this app on Facebook.

News and image source: Facebook

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