All you music junkies might be definitely aware of the name “Shazam”. Shazam is undoubtedly the largest mobile associate for iTunes in the world. It has been selling over US$ 100 million worth of music per annum ever since its inception in 1995.

Shazam has recently unveiled a new addition to their list of iOS apps. It’s the new Shazam music player app – Shazam Player. The all new app plays music with a twist since it not only plays the songs but also displays the lyrics. It is one of the best iPhone music apps.

According to Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam, “This is a momentous occasion for the company as it is the first separate app we’ve introduced since the launch of the Shazam App for iPhone in 2008. With the Shazam Player App we are staying true to our core music fans by enabling them to experience their own music libraries in a more engaging and social way.”

The player app is positioned in a way so as to give people the opportunity to buy more music by the artists they like. Shazam Player is a music player app with a difference. Here’s a quick download of the app’s features:

• Access to album reviews, music videos and artist tour dates as well.

• Use LyricPlay and see music and streaming lyrics together.

• Watch YouTube videos.

• Buy new iTune tracks simultaneously.

• Share your favorite music and song on Facebook and Twitter.

You can download the free Shazam Player app from iTunes App Store. You can use the app on iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch.

Developer: Shazam Entertainment Limited

Platform: iOS 4.3 or later

Price: Free

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