News telecasted on BBC claimed that US was ruling the mobile world. This story was reported by Maggie Shiels .After going into detail, it was clarified that the reporter was actually contesting this claim as she was in disagreement with the statement. This story was in response to the Chief Technology Officer working at AT&T, John Donovan. He stated that the US comes first on the list when people talk about phones, their designs and operating systems. Mr. Donovan was unwilling to give further explanation to his statement when the media raised questions. However, his assistant has promised to provide all the details, which are yet to be disclosed. The environment for an open debate is generating and everyone is looking forward to it.

Who is to Judge?

How valid is this statement? Rationally, no expert has the ability to estimate the level of advancement in one country while living in another. Exceptions can be made for the people who have the privilege of travelling to numerous countries. In this case, a person’s claim is only valid if that person has lived in countries that are leading in the mobile industry. Now, talking about Maggie Shiels, it is worth mentioning that she has spent ample time in both the US and the UK and is consequently very aware of the issues related to both locations. Her report on this matter makes this fact very evident. She has pinpointed the areas where the US is still lagging behind and where work is needed in order for it to be on top of the list.

Irrational claim

For instance, take Iran. They have recently claimed that they had sent a number of live animals into the space through their rocket science program. To many, this is a big step while others may not see why it is overwhelmingly surprising. Russians and Americans did something similar about fifty years back. The difference however was that they were sending human beings to space and not animals. Now, after knowing all these facts, it will be quite inconsistent to make claims that Iran is ruling the space race. No doubt, it is worth appreciating the development that Iran has showed in the special science, but they are far behind from being in the lead. The most common criteria for determining and comparing the environment of mobile telecom is the mobile subscription rate, measured in per capita percentage. In the recent records, this value is 93% in the US, which is no doubt a remarkable rate. However, the Western European stats show the figure of this stat to be approximately 130%. The criteria for determining who leads the mobile industry are still yet to be made. Before these criteria have been developed, the US cannot make any claims that it is leading in the industry.