Microsoft has over the years, extended their products with amazing operating systems, allowing users to experience the world of Microsoft in a whole new way. These operating systems have proven a great success. Among these, Windows vista has been one of the biggest hits. Windows vista comes with improved changes in features, which were missing in the earlier versions.

Shut Down or Restart via keyboard

Normally, shut down and restarts are done by the mouse or keyboard. In maximum cases, mouse is the ultimate choice for the users, but for the keyboard fans, it is a little different. Circumstances may arrive, when the mouse is out of order, and the keyboard is the obvious choice for shutdown and restarts. In such cases, Windows Vista has come up with some simple steps to complete the shutdown and restarts via keyboard.

In the earlier versions, the following process were followed for Shutdown or Restarts

  • Ctrl + Esc or the Windows Key, displays the start menu.
  • Press the ‘u’ key and it displays the items with an underlined ‘u’ (includes the shut down option) our press the left arrow key twice to open the shut down option directly.
  • Select the shut down option with the help of the arrow keys and press ‘Enter’.

The above process is no longer followed in Windows Vista. Shut down and Restarts are now done by the following:

  • Press the ‘window key’ and ‘D’ simultaneously. This will give you access to your desktop, open windows will be minimized automatically.
  • Press Alt + F4 to close any open window. Repeat the function for each open window.
  • Now, press ‘R’ key to restart or ‘S’ key to shut down your computer, followed by ‘Enter’.

Shut down or restart process via keyboard takes more time than the one done by mouse. It usually takes a minute or so for the shutdown or restarts processes to take place, but is useful at times, when the mouse is out of order.

Problems Regarding Keyboard

Sometimes, it may happen that the shortcuts on your keyboard do not respond. In such cases, do the following:

  • Check, whether there is any problem regarding the connection. Check the USB port, which connects the keyboard to the PC.
  • If there is no fault in the connection, then install the latest keyboard software.
  • If the problem still occurs, then reinstall the drives manually and relieve the keyboard of any dirt and dust.

The above steps should make the keyboard work, and if the problem still occurs then it is better to consult an expert in computer hardware’s.

Before consulting an expert, you can try out this process. Connect the keyboard to any other computer. If it works then there is some software problem in your computer. In such case, repeat the above given process. If the keyboard gives no response on the other computer, then consult an expert, as the keyboard will surely be having any technical problems.