Have you been sick of the limitations posed by iTunes on the access levels via iPod? Sure thing, you will have a hard time whenever too many users try to download songs on iTunes; more so, things may get messed up if you try to copy each other’s library on iTunes! But, now you can forget all the troubles; say hello to Xilisoft iPad Magic!

The Xilisoft iPad Magic allows you to copy files from the computer to iPad and vice versa. Although the iPad Magic works pretty much like the iTunes, but it takes care of all the major shortcomings of the iTunes. So, don’t worry about accidentally syncing your iPod with your friends PC and losing all your favorite numbers. What’s more, you can also use your iPad as a backup source, since the iPad Magic makes it even possible to recover files from iPad, and to restore your PC.

Another issue that is known to be quite irritating for the iTunes is inability to put DVD movies on iPod with iTunes. No points for guessing that the iPad Magic does this too! It allows you to rip/convert/transfer DVD videos without requiring any additional program for converting or transferring your videos on to the iPad. It supports virtually all video formats including YouTube!

With the 9.7” LED screen, iPad can still retain superb quality after conversion. It is important to note that iTunes supports very limited number of video formats, and the conversion process is also pretty irritating as well.

All you need to do is to upload a video file, and allow the iPad Magic to take care of the rest. If you compare iPad Magic with iTunes, there’s every possibility that you’re going to rate it at least 8-10 times better! Indeed, when you’ve the iPad Magic installed on your iPad, managing files, and media-sharing is a piece of cake! On the other hand, even the latest version of iTunes presents very little to cheer about.

The iPad Magic hardly eats up about 66MB of your disk space, and it is definitely worth it. It presents the users with widened collection of settings, awesome audio and video quality, as well as flexible options.

It doesn’t matter what operation you really wish to perform on the iPad, it is most likely that iPad Magic is going to do it quickly and easily, in comparison to iTunes. On several occasions, iTunes may not be even able to get the job done, while in other cases, you may have to put in lot of time and efforts to perform the same operation with iTunes.

Full credit must be given to Xilisoft for developing a masterpiece app like iPad Magic, which Apple couldn’t really create for years together. No wonder, very few iPad users may consider using the iTunes, given that they’ve the power of iPad Magic by their side.