Whenever you attach music player or pen drive to your computer or laptop, operating system identifies the type of the device. After confirming the type, operating system installs the required drivers.  Drivers act as an interface between device and hardware and thus enable proper functioning of it. If appropriate drivers are not available device might not produce the expected results. When driver is attached to the system, you get some notification from windows either indicating success or failure. If the warning is indicating malfunctioning then there are three possible reasons. These reasons and their solutions are discussed later.

The main cause of failure is absence of signed drivers. Signed drivers are device drivers which posses digital signature of publisher on them. Digital signature is measure of authentication. It can also be used to catch if there are any changes made to the driver after the implementation of the electronic security symbol. If the driver you are using is signed then you can not doubt its authenticity and reliability. Digital marks are thus important in order to understand which drivers, if installed, won’t damage the internal system of computer. Possible warnings that windows will show up are discussed below.

The very first and most common message is indication that Windows is unable to find the publisher of the requested device driver. These errors arise due to two main reasons. One is due to absence of digital signature. It can be solved by contacting the manufacturer of the device. If the device is digitally signed but the signature is not confirmed by certification authority then drivers are considered as not original. In that case contact with manufacturer website would be best solution.

Another error message you might frequently see is that signature is absent. This is, as it suggests, due to lack of electronic mark on device drivers by established publisher. It is very risky to load such kind of drivers. There are possibilities that they may contain malware or spyware. These are special kind of viruses which can collect data from your computer and you won’t even recognize it. If driver you have is unsigned but it’s from trusted manufacturer that you can use it with no doubt about security as in very rare cases, manufacturer themselves alter the signature after putting digital mark on it.

Unfortunately, there is no way to track down the source which is responsible for alteration of drivers. When the device drivers are unsigned, anybody can make changes in their programming and can add contents to harm or completely damage your system. It is not the case that every unsigned driver is suspicious and hence now days most of the manufacturers put digital mark on their product before dumping them into the market. If you are using 64-bit version of Windows then it many times asks for digitally signed driver. The solution is to get original driver from manufacturer. Drivers are vital parts when there comes a question of installation of external devices into the system and to use digitally signed original driver is always better as ‘Precaution is always better than cure’.