Whether you are a professional developer, a student or just building your first e-commerce site, there are few things more crucial to your sites’ presentation than the color schemes. A drab and lackluster scheme can only give your visitor a less than enthusiastic impression of your site. On the other hand, a vibrant, vivid and rich color palette is a sure fire way to keep your viewers interest on your content a while longer. Maybe even long enough to click on one of your links. As Daniel Boulud, the famous French chef once said, “Presentation is everything”.

Here we look at the six best color applications for the budding Van Gogh in you.

1. ColorImpact 4 – Color Scheme Designer

Suitable for beginners and advance users alike, it has a cool image analyzer function that allows you to extract color palettes from any image you see. The Color Theory tutorial is useful in a nostalgic kind of way, bringing back memories of your school misadventures. We particularly like using the Experimental Color Wheel and Ultra Color Picker. The Wheel allows you to fully explore your color options more comprehensively than the usual color palettes while the Color Picker is a great time saving tool. Changes in one program is immediately reflected in other linked apps

2. Colorschemer Studio 2 – Professional Color Matching Apps

Using a built in magnifier that zooms up to 1600%, you can zero in to just the right spot and copy a color value you like either in RGB, Hex, HSB or CMYK format. Using that, you can then generate an extensive palette of harmonious colors. Despite its’ limited functionality, what it does, it does well!

3. Adobe-Kuler – Community Tool

Unique in the way you can scans through existing palettes from their online community. For those in a rush, this beats generating your own color schemes. For CS5 users, they would be familiar with the software as it can be accessed directly from there.

4. Color Wheel Pro – Real-time Effects

Instead of repeatedly trying your freshly generated colors on your image, rotating the color wheel will immediately change the color of your preview image, giving you an instant look of your color choice. You can also export the color palette you have created into major editing applications like Adobe and Corel.

5. Color Hunter – Real Natural Images

Innovative in it’s’ simplicity. Color palettes derived from natural stock images. Just type in a word in the search box (a tree, house or dog) and the image is extracted from their database complete with the generated color palette of the image. You can also update your own image and it will generate the color palette.

6. Paletteman – Ready to roll

For those of you who find the task of generating your own color palettes a little stressful, why not go for something readymade? With just a little tweaking (common you have to do something), you will get the perfect palette for your site. With color combination conveniently categorized under such descriptive headings like sporty, pale and fruity, how can you go wrong?