Skype is software that lets people make calls and chat over the Internet. Two Skype users can make calls free of cost and talk for free. Skype also helps in providing new numbers and enable people to talk to other people over their mobiles or landlines. The call rates are very cheap and Skype also allows international calling. Apart from the cheap calling rates, the other features that have made Skype really popular are the instant messaging service, video conferencing and also file transfer.

Skype plans to have advertisements on the Windows platform promising that this won’t hamper the Skype experience of its customers. Skype says that the advertisements which it plans to have in Windows will appear in the home tab in countries like UK, Germany and the US. The ads will comprise of ads from Universal Pictures and Visa and many others as well. The ads are scheduled to be appearing from this week itself. The company said that the customers’ Skype experience is their prime priority and will not do anything at the cost of it. They promise that the Skype experience will remain as smooth as it was before and nothing will change the addition of ads in it.

They have also said that a lot of experiment and testing has been carried out to check how Skype responds to these ads. They also mentioned that ads have already been started in the last month or two. The ads will now start flowing at a wider basis now and the tests will keep on going on so that a check can be made whether Skype is responding properly or not and if it does not, they will make necessary adjustments.

Skype is also planning a partnership with Facebook as well. If this happens, users can connect to their friends via Skype and can send text messages and have a voice chat. About the ads Skype said that users won’t be bugged by the ads because these will appear only occasionally as they plan to show one ad from a particular brand in a day to the markets where it will be sold. They also said that the ads shown will not identify any users. If the user does not want Skype to use their personal information, they may chose the appropriate setting from the privacy options. This way the users are also not bugged and the ads can also go about easily. Another good thing that Skype did is by sticking on to one ad per day so that the users are not bugged when they log into Skype. The ads will help develop great products and can be in touch with the users through Skype.