Skype and Avaya have announced a new deal in which Skype will be providing enterprise communications systems, software, and services for Avaya products. This deal is being seen as a major hallmark in the telecommunications industry as it will enable Avaya to have real-time communications and collaboration solutions to businesses of all sizes.

The greatest advantage for Avaya would be that it will allow its customers in the U.S. to have access to Skype Connect. This means that Skype users using Avaya products can make low cost calls through any communications devices that are offered by Avaya. Avaya’s call routing feature through Skype will allow:

  • Conferencing
  • Messaging
  • Mobility and contact center capabilities
  • Collaboration services

According to Alan Baratz, senior vice president, Avaya and president, Avaya Global Communications Solutions “Avaya and Skype have been working along parallel paths to offer, innovative, scalable, low cost, SIP-based communications to our respective markets, now the two companies will work together, striving to improve collaboration and customer service by federating Avaya and Skype solutions for a common user experience that delivers unique benefits for businesses and their customers who are Skype users.”