Skype will be available for Android phones from 5th October this year. These two are big brands in their respective areas and now onwards you can make free calls from Skype on your Android phones. You can download Skype on your Android phone; visit to download and install the application. Skype is very useful to call at nominal rates from WI-FI or 3G phone. You can also send or receive IMs for free and also call groups or one-to -one from your android phone. Skype is very popular among internet callers and if you are using Skype on computer; you can sign in on the phone and get all the contacts on the Android phone also. It is very easy to use; just connect the phone to Wi-Fi zone and start calling from the phone. As android phones are integrated with several applications, you can use those applications with Skype on the android phones. To use the Skype application you will have to install Androis2.0 on the phone. There is one more thing to keep in mind that you can not use mobile data connection to call from Skype. You will have to use Wi-Fi to use this application.

Skype is a convenient application to call non Skype users also. But the problem is data carriers will not take this step lightly because users can call on very nominal rates that will affect the carrier networks. This is the main reason for the availability of Skype on Wi-Fi networks only. They do not want to affect their share in mobile networks because of the Skype application. They forced Google to limit the Skype application on Wi-Fi networks. In US, if you are a Verizon approved Skype user, you can call without Wi-Fi but it is not the case with other Skype users.

We can view this collaboration in other aspects also like it will be an innovative step in near future for Android and Skype users. They can use it as they want i.e. they can use Skype to its fullest as this is just the beginning. Skype users can enjoy unlimited and high-quality voice call services from Android phones.