Skype was founded in 2003 and it is located in Luxemberg and  other offices in Europe. It is mainly cateringing to Internet telephony services and holds 12% of global international calling minutes, which is phenomenal.

Skype is already enjoying the attention of 3.1 billion users but now it is planning to expand it horizon.

Skype is planning to come into the online streaming music market and teamed up with Kaaza to launch a multi dimensional service called Rdio.

Rdio is planning to offer the first glance at its much awaited streaming musing options with an external private beta.  This service is mainly styled as a social music experience.

Rdio is going to launch its preview program in the US, and it is expected to be available for the public at the end of this year.

There are multiple fascinating features in this service as it can be accessed through Smartphone, web and providers are promising to deliver unlimited access to the database of 5 million songs of your choice.

One more plus point of this service is its low cost; it is only going to cost you $5 to $10 for monthly subscription.

Rdio has different ways to find music including personalized and customized choices for new music based on listening manner and on-demand artist-based radio stations. This music matching tool can also be synchronized with  iTunes or Windows Media Player libraries and import the music to the users Rdio music collection. One more wonderful feature is to chare the playlist, users will have an option to create a collaborative playlist and share it with their friends on Facebook, Twitter through email.

“No one has managed to elegantly integrate discovery and a high-quality music streaming experience, under one roof,” said the co-founder Janus Friis.

Rdio apps are capable to figure out what album or playlist the user and their friends are listening to and can synchronies music to the phone even if it is offline.

Currently the music industry in online market is led by a different set of people, there is also a certain amount of online privacy which is affecting this business a lot. Users can get any music free of cost just a day after the launch of the music album, so why they should pay for songs or buy a monthly subscription to listen to their favorite music.

Mike McGuire, VP Research, Gartner’s Media says that there are immense possibilities in online music distribution and it has to be streamlined. This concept can create big opportunities for companies to create subscription based music service when users are already flooding in Smartphone market and social networking websites.

Skype and Kaaza have already understood the opportunities and they has already entered in this market. We will wait and watch what services are there for the masses.