With the increasing technological inventions, the demands of the users have also increased a lot over time. This trend keeps encouraging companies to always come up with new upgrade offers. Recently, South Korea’s SK Telecom company had 3G calls available to their clients. With this feature, users are allowed to make phone calls using a lot of services offered by different companies like Skype when they are connected to SK Telecom 3G online network, the company said in a statement.

Benefits of using Skype

Softwares like Skype help people to make cheap calls through the Internet without paying money, which is totally based on per-minute charges. A new upgraded feature has been added in Skype allowing the users to make and receive Skype-to-Skype calls. They also have the option to call mobiles numbers or any other landline number in the world with very cheap rates for the first time using their 3G data connection.

Skype-to-Skype calls through  wi-fi will still continue to be free. However, Skype-to-Skype calls on 3G can be made absolutely free for a test period, which will carry on until the end of 2010. Particulars of the pricing will be declared in the upcoming months and will be in line with Skype’s dedication to offering clients with large value.

At present, the purpose of mobile Internet calls is restricted to wi-fi wireless electronic network. Mobile carriers have restrained such services due to some issues concerning the loss of benefits. SK and additional carriers have bound such calls across 3G as they find that it will limit the purpose of its own voice networks since softwares like Skype are absolutely free or a lot cheaper than others.

SK Telecom grants Skype over 3G connections

SK telecommunication has also assured to make 15,000 wi-fi partitions in South Korea by the end of this year, up to fifty percent from its starting program, to promote wireless data usage. SK also said that the 4G design will finally force the carrier’s calls on to VoIP and could standardize cellphone criteria in the country. This can surely pave the way for devices like iPhone to enter the Korean market by making them appealing to users since they don’t require a separate hardware anymore. The company added that its Smartphone sales target for the current year is to reach about 2.5 million from its previous 2-million mark. SK Telecom also promised to extend its range.

LTE: The new-generation mobile service

The company said that it would establish the new-generation mobile network service, called LTE, in the coming years in order to meet the increasing user demand for high-speed data transfer. LTE, also known as Long-Term Evolution, is quicker and more innovative than the formal third-generation mobile network technology.