What is Skype?

Skype is a software application that lets users all over the world to communicate with each other to make voice calls over the internet. The calls to other Skype users are free. But calls made to landline telephones and mobile phones are charged a very small fee where the user creates an account and the charges are automatically deducted.
Skype is used by millions of users everyday to make calls and transfer files and for messaging. With the launch of Skype, it has become convenient for people to communicate to their kith and kins via PC without the hassle of phone.

37 per cent of Skype’s users are firms which use the software for video tele-conferencing and low-priced international calls, according to Skype. In 2009 Skype’s revenue grew by 30 percent to US$716 million.

Plans and strategies of Skype

Founded in 2003, this global communication software application has innovative plans for its future to increase its user base. Skype plans to have its Internet audio call communication software application pre-packed on 100 million PCs in 2011.

Based in Luxembourg, with offices in Europe, the US and Asia, Skype has strategies to expand on a large scale. Skype CEO Josh Silverman presented his company’s new plans at the CommunicAsia conference in Singapore. Silverman stated that the software company has collaborated with manufacturers in Asia to install the Skype software. The installed software will enable the users to make voice calls on the Internet.

Responsible for 12% of international calling minutes, Skype has 500 million registered users across various mediums such as PCs, mobile phones, high definition TV sets. The company said these numbers are set to multiply in future. In the third quarter of 2009, Skype users made 3.1 billion minutes of voice calls to landlines and mobiles.

At present, 8 of the world’s foremost computer producing companies have computers preloaded with Skype software. Moreover, Skype has recently collaborated with Panasonic, LG and Samsung to integrate Skype as a preloaded application on flat panel TVs. Furthermore, around 12 million users all over the world have downloaded Skype for iPhones.

The Asian Association

This leading global internet communications company also said that Asia is a potential hub for Skype’s focus in future, considering the huge growth in Asia. The company has integrated with Asian manufacturers for the installation of Skype software. With China and India showing immense economic growth, Asia is the crucial center for growth of Skype. The company hopes to leverage on its Asian partners to create more innovative voice-over-IP software.

What is the future?

Skype is planning to widen its scope which would further augment its popularity. All the efforts seem to be very effectual. The technology is though very famous already among the people but still there are many aspects which are yet to be introduced. With towering visions, the company is looking forward to create a magic with its partnership in Asia. Asia is believed to be a home to innovations and communications and thus it would really enhance Skype’s growth. By, 2011, every plan would be crystal clear thereby; we will get a clear picture of the company’s prospects. Though, Skype is not a new technology for the people who use computers, moreover, internet very frequently, but, the enhanced visions of the company are certainly new for them. The plans of Skype are pragmatic but how long it will take to cover all the areas is a major point to be focused. The number of Skype users which is now 500 million through various modes is set to see a boom in its growth. We must wait and watch the future growth in the number of Skype’s users.