Skype the world leader in VoIP services has decided relocation. Skype was born and has been operating from Luxembourg for more than two years now and has achieved great popularity and acceptability. Skype has been providing platform for Internet Telephony using computers and now has concrete plans to enter the mobile phones. Skype has taken 90 thousand square feet of office in the Stanford research park and will be shifting its headquarters there in October this year. Stanford Research Park is the home of many major players of the IT industry like Hewlett Packard, and Facebook. After gaining unmatched success in VoIP through computer systems Skype is planning to expand its services on mobile phones and through various other platforms. The mayor of Palo Alto where the Stanford Research park is said that they are very excited by Skype coming there as it will open job opportunities for the people out there and will be a good addition to the list of big companies situated there.

People expect that with Skype shifting to a 90,000 Sq ft office will lead to many job openings for the software engineers there. The CEO of Skype Josh Silverman has mentioned in his blog that “we would be easily able to accommodate around 300 people in this new office, and we hope to attract the brightest talent in the valley” and this clearly indicates and talks about Skype’s expansion and new job openings in the area. Company has clear plans to embed its technology into various consumer electronic devices and has already established a partnership deal with Panasonic and LG for incorporating High Definition Television embedded Skype Services. Skype is also intending to integrate advertisements to its service platform for generating revenue which will help in keeping Skype to Skype telephony free of cost for its users. Company says that with the daily increasing usage and popularity of Skype it would not be very difficult for us to catch the attention of the market to advertise through us. This new mode of revenue generation for Skype will also help them in keeping Skype to Telephone cost very low and will give big time competition to other VoIP service providers. Skype is also planning to integrate its services with Facebook for making the Facebook users able talk with there family and friends online. This certainly will give large user database to Skype because till June 2010 Facebook’s user base has grown to mammoth 400 million. Skype already has more than 500 million users by now and integration with Facebook will definitely add more to it.

Last year Skype was sold and was purchased by a bunch of investors like Silver Lake, Andreessen Horowitz a Venture Capital firm, Canada Pension Plan Investors and Skype’s own founder Niklas Zennstrom last year. This whole sale and purchase happened on eBay and became big news last year. Involvement of these big financial bodies has also paved the way for Skype to come to the Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is the hub of big Ventura Capitalists, Financial and Law firms and off course many leaders of IT technology industry.